Thank you for your interest in our lessons!
Especially for our foreign students we created this page with all the information you might want to know. If you still have more questions, please contact us at: or with the contact-form.

Our schedule:
Please note that we work with a 2 weeks schedule, so you can find 4 lessons that have the note if they will be given in the even or odd weeks.
Click on the lesson or the name of the instructor to get more information!

17:30 Pole dance beg. 1 – Marjolein/Daisy
18:30 Pole dance beg.1&2Daisy/Marjolein
19:30 Pole dance int./adv.Dineke/Tiffany
20:45 Aerial hoopDaisy

19:00 ChairdanceNicole I.
20:00 Stretch & flex (even weeks) – Nicole I.
20:00 Pilates (odd weeks) – Marjolein
21:00 Sexy pole & floorworkNicole I./Marjolein

18:15 Sensual danceAriana
19:30 Lyrical pole – Nicole G.
20:30 TwerkNicole G.

10:00 Aerial hoop choreo – Marjolein
18:00 Pole dance beg.1&2Eunice
19:00 Active flexibilityEunice
20:00 Exotic pole (even weeks) – Nicole I.
20:00 Pole dance beg.2/int. (odd weeks) – Marjolein
21:00 Lapdance/Chairdance (ladies only!) – Nicole I./Marjolein

9:45 Pole dance beg.1&2Marjolein/Eunice
11:00 Aerial hoopMarjolein/Eunice

10:00 Pole dance beg./int.Jeniffer
11:00 Exotic poleJeniffer

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Extra information:
– We don’t mind to talk English in our lessons when it’s needed, so no worries if you can’t talk dutch.
– Please bring your own towel to use during the warming up of our regular pole dance lessons and our flexibility lessons.
– Don’t use bodylotion etc. before a pole dance class and remove your jewelry from hands, arms and ankles for your own safety.
– If you have any injuries or medical information we need to know about, please tell your instructor before class.